How notifications work?

If you log in into, you can click on >>Profile<< (top right corner) and open >>Edit profile<<. There's except of country and description (read how to setup your profile) three select boxes. Here's a description what does it mean:

Enable/Disable sending news - after registration to, default position is enabled. You will receive a notification every week with informations about new collectors and exchange adverts on Stampdump. If you choose Disable, you won't recieve anything.

Period - You can choose if you will recive notifications daily/weekly/monthly about new collectors and adverts. After registration is default weekly. If you have disabled this notification, don't care about it.

Enable/Disable notifications - this is very useful. We recommend let this in default position (enabled). If someone contact you throught form on your profile, you will get notification to your email. If you disable it, you can check messages in >>Profile<< -> >>Messages<<.

Thanks, your