How to create your own wish/offer lists?

Probably the most common feature on is creating your offer and wish lists. Lists are accessible from your profile. Every time you will contact some other collectors, you can just send a link to your profile or list.

This is how it looks like. First you should have your profile setup correctly. There's a simple tutorial how to create your own lists:

1. Login into
2. In profile menu click >>Create new list<<
3. You will see this form:

4. Fill the list name (e.g. USA (1993-1996)).
5. Choose if it's wish list (you want) or offer list (you offer to swap/you are selling).
6. Write some list description (e.g. list of stamps you want).
7. You can choose, that's an important list - it will be highlighted in your profile.
8. And last thing, you can attached some pictures.